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Weekly Almond Market Update: 01/26/23 to 2/1/23

Welcome to your Bountiful Weekly Almond Market Update. 

I'm in Kern - Fresno counties Thursday and Friday this week. If you're around let me know!

This week we're covering:

  • Freeze warning as we prepare for the 2023 almond bloom
  • January position report coming out next week, are you ready?

Keep reading for this week's latest or sign in to the Bountiful platform to access your Agriculture, Market, and Community data-driven insights. 

 🌸 A freeze warning + bloom update

Last week we started the Bountiful bloom count-down, and this week NOAA put a freeze warning in place. 

I was on the west-side of Merced-Stanislaus counties earlier this week and saw pockets of early-stage bloom development, green tip in orchards, and hive boxes being delivered. 

Throughout bloom, I'll send you a dedicated Bountiful Bloom newsletter; updating you on bloom stage development, sentiment, bee flight hours, and chill portions all from observations submitted to Bountiful Bloom

Will you submit bloom observations to Bountiful bloom this year? 

What's Bountiful Bloom

A free crowd-sourced BloomTracking service for the almond industry.

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 9.31.20 AM

How Bountiful Bloom Works?

Bountiful Bloom takes in individual bloom observations and gives you a consolidated view of bloom. You can view:

  • bloom stage development
  • bloom sentiment 
  • bee flight hours
  • chill portions

for all observations on that day and any day, there were observations in the past. 

Its success depends on your help, by adding your bloom observations daily.

Once you fill out the form and click Submit you'll be able to see a summary of bloom for the North, Central, and South growing regions. 

Help share Bountiful Bloom and together we can track almond bloom.

When will Bountiful Bloom be ready for 2023 observations?

Bountiful Bloom will be live and ready to receive 2023 Bloom Observations by end of this week.

You'll get an email from me letting you know when Bountiful Bloom is ready to receive your 2023 bloom submissions.

In the meantime, we're working on putting the finishing touches on Bountiful Bloom so it's ready for you!

✍️ January Position Report Prep

As you prepare for new indications of supply and demand in the almond market + sift through the latest market sentiment.

Let's talk about the almond market data-driven indicators you can use to separate signal from noise. Before the Almond Board of California releases the January position report next week.

What almond market data-driven indicators to use now?


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