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Bountiful Bloom Countdown

Bountiful Bloom is a crowd-sourced free BloomTracking tool, Bountiful Bloom. Its success depends on your help, by adding bloom observations daily. By adding your bloom observation you get a consolidated, anonymous view of almond bloom + bee flight hours and chill portions data for North, Central, and South growing regions. 

Will you help us by adding bloom observations in your area this year? 

Spread the word about Bountiful Bloom and together we can track almond bloom together.


๐ŸŒธ Bountiful Bloom 

The countdown to 2023 almond bloom is upon us!

In preparation, I thought I'd share some previous year start dates from our free crowd-sourced bloom tracking tool, Bountiful Bloom

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 9.11.48 AM

First bloom observations: year, date, location, stage

  • 2022: February 4th, Central, 100% Pink Bud
  • 2021: February 7th, Central, 100% Green Tip

All regions in early bloom: year, date, stage 

  • 2022: February 15th, 79% Early Bloom,  21% Full Bloom
  • 2021: February 17th, 100% Early Bloom

Final bloom observations: year, date, stage 

  • 2022: March 8th, Central, 100% Petal Fall
  • 2021: March 9th, North, 100% Petal Fall + Central, 10% Full Bloom, 90% Petal Fall

Check out Bountiful Bloom to learn how bloom, chill and bee hours changed across each growing area in the state. 

Chill hours, temperatures, and bloom

Chill hours help keep the tree dormant through winter. A warm winter with insufficient chill hours can result in late or uneven bloom and creates the potential for lower crop yields. 

We've had a good January, mild-to-cold temperatures, and are in a good position as it relates to chill hours.

All this to say, we can expect an earlier bloom

Bountiful Bloom