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The why, what, and how of Bountiful Bloom

For the third year in a row, we can, as an industry, collectively track the almond bloom stages.

You can access Bountiful Bloom via desktop or mobile, it's optimized for Google Chrome but available on other web browsers. 

Below are more details on the What, Why, and How of all things Bountiful Bloom.


What is Bountiful Bloom

A free, online, anonymous, crowdsourced tool to track the stages of almond bloom, bloom sentiment, bee flight hours, and chill portions. Available for the California almond industry to use. 

A way to measure how almond bloom is tracking in your orchard while staying informed of how bloom is progressing amongst your peers, in growing regions outside yours and throughout California. 

Available now at  

Why we built Bountiful Bloom?

Well, it started with questions from people in the industry... What do we really know about almond bloom? Outside of bloom being critical to growing almonds, what does good bloom or bad bloom mean in the final outcome of growing almonds?

Collectively as an industry, we tend to know and even discuss every year that it's important to understand was this year's bloom period earlier every year or later, was it an “awful” bloom or a ”good” bloom. We can get answers to these questions by recording our observations every year, and why not do so as an industry collaboratively to learn more about bloom by tracking it.

By collectively observing and sharing our bloom submissions we can being to unlock an improved understanding of the first crucial stage in the almond lifecycle, throughout all growing regions in California. 

Bountiful Bloom is a tool we created for you to do just that.  measure good bloom or a bad bloom together

How can you use Bountiful Bloom?

Submit an observation to see map-based bloom stage, bloom sentiment, bee flight, and chill portions based on your and others' observations. The information being displayed is a summary of all observations for that day and in that region. 

After submitting an observation, you can track bloom activity for your region and see how almond bloom is progressing outside of your growing region.

Share data with others and store your personal bloom observations

Whether it's bloom stages, sentiment, chill portions, or bee flight hours. You are welcome to use screenshots or data from Bountiful Bloom in your market reports, your customer updates, you name it!

We'd really love for you to share Bountiful Bloom in the ways you personally find most useful. 

You can also store your personal bloom submissions over the course of the bloom by entering your email, (optional)

A note for recording bloom stages

When recording almond bloom stages on, please document the stage of bloom that is the most representative of the tree. 

See the bloom tracking resource guide for more information on the observational bloom stages.