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Participate in Bountiful Community Almond Estimate for 2023 and win...

We have an idea to make participating in Bountiful's Community Estimate for Almonds more fun. And it's an idea that fits the good ol' tradition in the almond industry of betting with your peers on the crop size... 

This year Bountiful is giving away a prize to one individual who submits the most accurate yield estimate to the Bountiful Community Almond Estimate

Bountiful Community Platform Screenshot

What's the prize?
Two nights at the legendary Inn at Spanish Bay, in Pebble Beach. To one lucky winner. A $2,400 value.

How do you play?
At a minimum, you need a free subscription to the Bountiful platform. If you don't have one, you can signup here.

The Details and Rules
This year, Bountiful will hit refresh on the Community estimate submissions monthly. Giving you the opportunity to enter your best guess at yield 4x (April, May, June, and July).

The estimates you submit monthly will then be averaged to a single yield value and submitted to be measured against California's actual 2023 yield.  

Once we receive the final Crop receipts for 2023 in July 2024, Bountiful will measure the actual yield for California. The method we use to measure the actual 2023 yield for California will be the following: Final ABC Form 1 receipts in July/LandIQ final bearing acres. 

The individual with the most accurate Yield estimate, based on your average yield, compared to the actual California yield will be the winner. 

How will the winner be notified?
We'll email you.

The winner notified by email in August of 2024, following the release of the July 2024 position report. In that email, we'll ask you for your best mailing address to have your 2 night stay gift card mailed to you.

We'll also announce the winner in our Weekly Almond Market update, however, if the winner would like to stay anonymous we're happy to oblige. 

Who can or can't participate?
Farmers, buyers, and sellers in the almond industry are all eligible to participate. Any current or previous employees, contractors, advisors, or investors of Bountiful are ineligible to participate. 

Contact me if you have any questions about entry!

Let the games begin, take me to Bountiful Community.