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2023 USDA Almond Objective Measurement Report Now Available on Bountiful

The 2023 USDA Objective Measurement Report is now available in Bountiful Community.

💻 Once you log in to the Bountiful platform (use your computer browser for the best experience), you'll find the 2023 USDA Objective Measurement Report under 2023 Industry Estimates.

The USDA Objective Measurement Report is the second-to-last industry estimate to be released this season. Bountiful's final ML forecast will be out in the latter half of July.

Bountiful Community Platform Screenshot

And you have new Coffee Shop questions. Share your opinion on the 2023 USDA Objective Measurement Report with your fellow farmers, buyers, and sellers. Do you think it's too high, too low, or about right? 

Once you answer and view the results, scroll down and see what people originally thought of their estimates earlier in the season. 

🔮 The Community estimate is currently trending between the USDA Subjective and Objective estimates. If you haven't already, submit your 2023 crop size estimate and bearing acres opinion for a chance to win a trip to Pebble Beach Spanish Bay


Bountiful's Almond Community is free to join, you can sign up here to share anonymously with your fellow farmers, marketers, and buyers.