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Weekly Almond Market Update: 01/05/23 to 1/11/23

Welcome to your Bountiful Weekly Almond Market Update. A friendly reminder, the December position report is out tomorrow! You can expect an email from me as soon as the Bountiful platform is updated with new data from the December position report. 

This week we're covering:

  • Weekly exports before tomorrow's position report
  • More Rain and flooding, an update 

Keep reading for this week's latest or sign in to the Bountiful platform to access your Agriculture, Market, and Community data-driven insights. 


🚢 Weekly Exports

It's that time of the month again, Almond Board position report for December is out tomorrow. How are you preparing? 

Sort of a trick question to you, especially as an Industry or Farm subscriber to Bountiful... You have access to Weekly Exports aka the inside scoop on shipment demand between positions reports.

A refresher for you on the Why, How, and What of Weekly Exports.

Why and How to use Weekly Exports?

Weekly exports closely follow shipments reported on the monthly position report. As it captures containers on the water to their destination.

The dataset updates for you weekly on Wednesdays. Giving you an early data-driven indicator of shipment records before the monthly position report arrives. 

You can segment Weekly Exports in two ways:

  • By Region: e.g. All, Europe, Middle East, etc.
  • By Type: e.g. Shelled and In shell

And by putting your mouse on the graph, you can see the week, number of pounds shipped, and week-over-week percent change. We've also included benchmarking of the current year against the last 4 years for comparison purposes.

Reference the example screenshot I took this morning from the Bountiful platform below. Showing Weekly Exports: August Week 32 for All Regions, Shelled almonds.

Bountiful Platform Export Screenshot

I would love to hear how you're building your weekly export view and which Region or Type you're tracking. 

What's a shipment record?
A shipment record is a unique bill of lading for containerized cargo by twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) for shelled or in shell almonds. 

What's "typical" for shipment records added every week?
Typical is about 700-800 records


⛈️ Rain update and flooding

If you're in California right now it's hard to not feel like we're underwater...

Especially in my hometown county of Merced! I took the photo below on Monday when I left my hometown of Gustine to head back to San Francisco. You can see early signs of orchard flooding. 

Flooded Orchard, Merced County

And naturally, just like yield and production are not equal across California counties. Precipitation is no different, with some counties receiving much more than others, causing flooding and breaking records. 

Below I'm sharing screenshots I took this morning from four different counties across California: Colusa, Sacramento, Merced, and Kern

Jan 2023 Precip (3)

Head over to Weather - Precipitation on the Bountiful platform to learn the total inches received in the last day, week, month, or year. You can benchmark the current year and any 2 previous years as I did in the screenshot above. 

And a friendly reminder for you on how rain impacts position report crop receipts from a previous weekly almond update.



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