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Bountiful Market Updated: March 2023 Position Report

Bountiful Market is updated with new data from the March 2023 Almond Board of California position report.


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๐Ÿ“ˆ Almond Crop Receipts down over 2021 

March's position report is the eighth receiving month of the 2022/2023 marketing year. Total crop receipts to date:  2,540,800,643 lbs down -12.43% over last year. 

Monthly new crop receipts: 

The monthly new crop received per ABC form 1 reporting

  • March: 17,880,564 lbs down -62.66% over February
  • February: 47,889,258 lbs 

๐Ÿšข 2022 Shipments 

March's total shipments: 281,069,291 lbs up +7.00% over March last year and up +14.38% over last month's February shipments: 245,740,054 lbs. 

2022/2023 total shipments to date:  1,798,411,577 lbs up +6.85% over last year

Bountiful Platform Monthly Shipment Data Screenshot

๐Ÿ”ฎ Future Demand 

Total new sales for March: 143,601,940 lbsdown -24.53% over February's new sales of 190,267,497 lbs.


๐Ÿ“ˆ 2022 Crop Receipt Projections

Following the release of December's position report we start running a forward projection on ABC form 1 crop receipts, every month, to get an idea of the total size of the crop. 

The methodology we use for our crop receipt projections is different from our in-season machine learning forecasts. Our 2022 in-season forecasts are complete and have not been updated since we released a final forecast in July. 

For our crop receipt projection, we only use ABC form 1 crop receipt data for current and historical years. The model we use looks for a pattern in how crop receipts are coming in month over month.

As of March ABC form 1 crop receipts, 2022 final crop receipts are projected to be 2.55 B - 2.56 B lbs. You can reference this in the image below 2022/2023 marketing year is in light blue

You'll notice 2022 crop receipts receiving pattern below looks very similar to 2019 and 2020. 

Bountiful Position Report ABC form 1 March Projection


๐Ÿ“Š Bountiful's 2022 forecasts

Following the August position report, we publicly shared all forecasts released on the Bountiful platform, to our Farm and Industry customers, throughout the 2022 crop year.

  • First table: Bountiful's yield forecast distribution by month
  • Second table: Bountiful's acreage and production forecast distribution by month

Bountiful 2022 Yield Forecasts

Forecast performance

Now that we've received the March position report we start benchmarking our error performance for all forecasts released by Bountiful. Please note, we will continue to update our actual error through the remaining receiving months of the 2022 crop year.  

Below you'll find Bountiful's 2022 forecast performance by month as of the March position report for yield, production, and acreage. 

Bountiful 2022 Forecast Performance as of March ABC For 1 receipts

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