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Weekly Almond Market Update: 12/8/22 to 12/14/22

Happy Wednesday to you! Welcome to your weekly Almond Market update.

This week we're covering:

  • Rain is good, snow is better
  • Post-November position report export and emerging markets 

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📊 Export Demand, Emerging markets 

Almond Board of California released the November position yesterday. If you missed your update email from me letting you know you can catch it here. 

Few export markets outperformed the previous year's shipment demand... Hint there's only one: the UAE

Bountiful Platform Screenshot, monthly shipments

Other notable regions/countries to watch are: the Middle East and India.

Bountiful Platform Screenshot, monthly shipments

Bountiful Platform Screenshot, monthly shipments

Shipments to the Middle East and India were strongest in November for the 22/23 marketing season. Will the uptick in demand continue in these markets next month? You tell me!

You can use Weekly Exports to see how shipments are trending to date.

🌧️  Rain + drought

It's been a wet early winter in California, and if you're paying attention to LinkedIn and conversations throughout the industry many seem to be excited about the current snowpack conditions and the early winter rain. Some even hinting at the possibility of the drought being over.

And while I personally hope we don't enter into a fourth year of drought, I'm here to talk with you about what the data says.  

Bountiful Platform Screenshot, weather data

Bountiful Platform Screenshot, weather data

The chart above is a screenshot I took from Bountiful's weather data section on the platform. It shows California state precipitation for 11/01-12/13 for three years:

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020

While 2022 total precipitation is trending slightly better than 2020, up +4.81%. The total inches of rain received in 2022 compared to last year tells a different story. 2022 total precipitation is down -44.95% when compared to 2021.

All this to say we have quite a ways to go. In the meantime, we should all pray for rain and snow. 

You can stay on top of precipitation, temperature, chill, and more in Bountiful weather.

A friendly reminder on how rain impacts post-harvest processing speed for you here.

And how rain can help meet post-harvest irrigation demand, especially in years when water allocations are tight! 

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